I was very intrigued when hearing about this device - the Votiva - And, after some research, I was excited to try it.

The procedure was short (20 minutes each of 3 times) and not uncomfortable at all. The practiitoner thoroughly explained what was going to happen and how. All of my questions were answered.

Although I didn’t suffer from a lot of incontinence or leakage, there was that occasional “mishap” that was just really, really uncomfortable. And after multiple births and 57 years, I knew that my vaginal muscles were probably a bit loose and not what they once were. The Votiva seemed like a perfect fit for me.

After just one procedure my partner noticed a difference in vaginal tightness during intercourse and after the the three procedures, he noticed a significant change. In addition, an effect that I really didn’t expect, I found my sensitivity during sex greatly heightened.

I also have not experienced one single urinal “leak” since having the procedure. Not even while sneezing or coughing. Not one.

I had asked the practitioner to focus on the exterior to perhaps “shrink” my labia a little. Mine clearly was a bit elongated compared to other pics I had seen and wondered if this would work aesthetically as well as it was marketed to do. A very noticeable difference was obvious after the third procedure.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Votiva for women. It is a gift. For incontinence, sexual satisfaction, self esteem and all around confidence in an extremely personal way.
— happy La Femme customer
I am 58 years old with four children. I have been suffering from a leaky bladder for about the last five years. I could not sneeze, laugh, run , or even jump on a trampoline without wetting on my self. I had to start wearing pads for fear someone at work would hug me too tight. I also was going to the bathroom four times at night which was interrupting my sleep. After having only one procedure of the Votiva Forma my issues with bladder leakage were finally over. The first night after the treatment I slept the entire night - what a relief ... and have been ever since! I have not had even one issue with leaky bladder since my treatment. Thank you to the staff for helping me with this embarrassing issue. They are very professional and I look forward to finishing my last 2 procedures.
— - happy La Femme customer